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The ceremony was awful!

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Of all the things you want people to say about your wedding, these four words are not it! After all the planning, organizing, thinking, deciding, shopping, creating, making and likely even stressing that you’ve done in the lead up to The. Day., it’s only natural that you want it all to be utterly right. Just as you’ve imagined. And for all the lovely people you’ve invited to be saying all the lovely things they can about just how exceptional your day really was.

For a wedding, particularly, a big part of the day is undoubtedly the wedding ceremony itself. The magical moment in time where a celebrant makes it all official, you become husband and wife, and the celebration suddenly becomes a party with a purpose!

Given that the ceremony is a key part of the day, and therefore deserves to be just as amazing as every other element, how do you make sure yours is awesome not awful? That people are talking about it for all the right reasons? And that it leaves both you and your guests feeling elated, like you’ve all been part of something truly special?

The answer is both simple and challenging:

book the right celebrant.

I think this is the point in the blog where I say “that’s me!” and everyone lives happily ever after. And for some people, that’s going to be 100% on point (hooray!).

But self-promotion aside for a wee moment, how do you go about booking the right celebrant? What do you look for in the person who’s going to make you husband and wife? Let’s be honest – most of us don’t exactly look for a celebrant every day.

How to choose your celebrant is undoubtedly a subject for another blog but for now, be bold and aim for awesome not awful. Your once in a lifetime wedding ceremony deserves nothing less. X

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