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Can't find what you're looking for? Just contact me with your query and if it's of interest to others, I'll post an answer here. 

  • What are your ceremonies like?
    I deliver personal ceremonies brimming with love and laughter, and am right there with you enjoying the moment as it unfolds. Check out my gallery or reviews from my clients to see just what this looks like in action!
  • Do you have a sound system?
    Yes – I use a wireless handheld microphone, sound system and stand which can also play music during your ceremony via Bluetooth. This is included at no extra charge.
  • Do you bring copies of our vows/readings to our ceremony for us?
    Absolutely. Whether you intend to deliver them from memory or not, I will always have your vows in my folder for you to read from if required. I also bring any readings on matching cue cards so no one has to deal with loose pieces of paper that flap in the wind and look ugly in photos!
  • Can you be the MC at our reception as well as our celebrant?
    I sure can, in fact I would totally love that! Not only am I available as both a celebrant and MC, I also offer the "I Do + Wahoo" package deal to couples who book both services. I adore being part of your whole celebration and supporting you from the moment you walk up the aisle to the time you get down on the dance floor. Be prepared for lots of laughs and fun as you relax and enjoy your stress-free celebrations.
  • What will you be wearing at my event?
    Good question. Celebrants appear in a lot of event photos (especially of weddings) so it's entirely reasonable to want your person to look the part! As part of the ceremony planning process, I'll check with you what colour scheme, theme and/or dress code you're having for your event, and then dress accordingly. Unless requested otherwise, I generally wear a formal dress with heels to celebrate a wedding, and make sure I'm in a colour and style that complements your look (without looking like another bridesmaid!). Check out my gallery to see how this comes together on the day.
  • Why have you chosen to use hot pink?
    People are drawn to different colours for different reasons. Hot pink reminds me very strongly of my own wedding day - I wore hot pink heels, carried a bouquet peppered with hot pink roses and married a man who wore a matching flower on his lapel. Ours really was a day brimming with magic, joy and love. We were both utterly elated and I still smile just thinking about that enormously happy time. So I use the very same shade in my celebrant branding for two reasons. It's my non-verbal way of saying to my clients "my wish for you is a ceremony and celebration that is every bit as wonderful for you as mine was for me". And it also expresses my promise as your celebrant, that I will do everything I can to make that wish of mine come true for you.
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